When I first heard about the uprising in Egypt I didn’t think much of it honestly. I thought it would just be quelled, nothing was actually going to happen.

I was wrong. Something is happening, the people (well most, there are some Mubarak supporters) are tired of having the same man in power for 30 years. Only now has he appointed a vice president. Egyptians want change, they want something different. Everything that I’ve read has said that the government is corrupt, it’s run by the police who just do Mubarak’s bidding. Maybe I’ve just been uninformed about Egypt, but this is news to me. I didn’t know how bad it was over there.

Here are some links to stories and videos that have really brought me some understanding and information about the Egypt crisis.

Anderson Cooper and his crew attacked in crowd(video)

Chicago Sun-Times Q&A on how the protests started

“A Week in Egypt’s Twilight Zone” Commentary by Amr Shalakany of the New York Times

Journalists Report on detentions and harassment in Cairo via CNN